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why Apple does not even provide a memory card slot in the phone

  • 02-March-2021

Have you ever wondered why an iPhone that is bought at such a high price does not even have the facility to insert a memory card?  The answer is, as always, about security.  No matter how many GB phones you buy, every file you save on it will be stored securely in it.  Your phone is built with so much security that valuable photos and videos cannot be recovered even from the internal HDD.  Memory is always an important factor when buying a budget phone.  The problem here is with phones with very low memory.  You will have a variety of options in front of you as the storage fills up quickly.  Continue deleting, purchasing and using iCloud storage, or replacing the file with a 3rd party pen drive, such as Hard Disk size Expand.  Many of these people usually buy a pen drive for easy use and copy it.  When you copy valuable data to a 3rd party pen drive that is not secure in any way, it can easily catch someone else when it got lost .  There are thousands of types of software that can be recovered even if it is deleted.  This is why Apple does not even provide a memory card slot in the phone.  Some people who read this think that I do not have such a big secret, so what?  This is written for general knowledge.  Jailbreaking can affect your security as well as the loss of your pen drive.  Either buy and use iCloud Storage every month for a fee or replace the phone's HDD.  Today you can expand the memory up to 512 GB without losing your data in the best institutions in Kerala.


 Anu Mahe